HSBC SmartPrivileges
Re-establish emotional bond between the consumer and the card.

When we were tasked by HSBC Malaysia to create a digital presence for their credit cards, we knew we had an opportunity to refresh and redefine the credit card itself.

A look at today’s credit cards from any bank will uncover merchant programs, deals, even entire shopping malls booked up by competitive banks all jousting at who can offer the best deal. Credit Cards have long been in a downwards spiral of ever increasingly competitive offers, deals, cash back and rewards.

Back in the good old days credit cards were a single representation of a person’s net worth. Today most cards offer an air of exclusivity. We used to cherish the metal sheen of our credit cards, but now sadly the love is by at large gone for good.

As the credit card has moved from exclusivity to ubiquity, from privilege and comfort to deals and flexibility - there’s now an opportunity to re-establish that emotional bond between the consumer and the card. And like most good things in life, the elements were already there for the building.

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